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There's no such thing as too much resolution.
NextLook is a complete solution for web site developers who would like to include high resolution images and slide shows in their web pages. It includes an image server, a javascript toolkit and a global content distribution network.

High Resolution Images

High resolution images and slide shows can grab your user's attention and really show them what you have.
Watch the slide show on this page or see some Static image examples.

Speed and Efficiency

NextLook is Fast. NextLook selects the optimal image resolution for each user and only downloads the part of the image that is visible.
As an example, the three compressed jpeg images used in this slide show total about 15Mb at full resolution but the complete page only uses about 2Mb on a typical desktop. Much less on smaller devices.
In addition, images are delivered using the Akamai content distribution network which reduces latency and provides enormous scalability.

Easy Layout

Mobile devices have proliferated over the past few years. Laying out a page that looks good on every available screen size has become increasingly difficult. It's much easier when your images are scalable. Try resizing this window and see how the images adjust without losing any image quality. (Or rotate the screen if you are using a mobile device.)

Comprehensive Browser support without Plug-Ins

NextLook supports every web browser from IE6 to IE11 as well as all current and recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and the Android browser. We provide touch enabled pan and zoom controls on all touch-capable browsers including Apple, Android and Microsoft phones and tablets. Our technology is based on Javascript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If you are a web developer, visit our Tutorial to find out more.

It's Free (for now)
For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us via email at